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Terminal box 48core

Terminal box 48core cabinet is used as management small capacity of optical fiber,pigtail and jumper in the central office or remote ending office.Standard YD/T925-2006.


1. The cabinet has functions of cable termination, splicing, splitting, distribution and cross-connection.

2. Solid and fully-closed structure with pleasing appearance.

3. Weather-tight gasket provided ensures the good performance of dust-proof and water-proof.

4. Easy installations: Wall mountable.

5. Lock provided on every cabinet ensures the safety of the fibers.

6. No screws needed for installing, which is very easy for future maintenance and keeps the transmission loss at low level.

Operation conditions:

1. Temperatures: -5℃ -- 40℃

2. Humidity: ≤85% (at 30℃)

3. Air Pressure: 70kPa – 106kPa

Dimension (example of capacity-32):



Fiber Splice Tray : 4

Outlet fiber Max: 64

Cable Entrance and Exit: 1

Splitter Max: 2

Part Details: