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Fiber distribution terminal box


 Double door access

 Keyway entry

 Provides fiber splicing, termination, management and storage in one unit

 Supports single and ribbon fiber splices

 Made from cold-rolled carbon steel sheets

 Universal adapter plug-in fits a variety of adapters such as SC, FC, LC, etc

 High density adapter plug-in -12 fibers for SC and 24 fibers for LC duplex


 Splicing of pigtails

 For building entrance terminals

 Computer rooms

 For pre-connectorized cables

 Field installation of connectors

Main technical Parameter

♦ Environmental temperature: -25 - 65°C

♦ Relative humidity:≤85%((when the temperature is below 30°C))

 Atmosphere pressure:70~106Kpa

 Insulating resistance:≥2×104 MΩ/500VDC