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72 core ODF termination box


1. 19'' ODF termination box 

2. Maximum (4U) ;12-192 fibers 

3. 486mm (465 between installation holes) 

4. Rotatable 

5. FC, SC, LC

Fiber Optic Rack Mount Patch Panel 

This rack mount patch panel is used to terminate the providers’ side of an optical fiber cable. It is a steel unit with provision to splice up to external optical fibers to pigtails. The splices and spare optical fibers are stored on the splice trays provided, while the pigtails are located in simplex through connectors at the patch panels in front of the splice trays.


  • Top quality steel with cover by electrostatic painted ensures the strong body and pleasing appearance.
  • Easy installations: 19” ODF rack mount case.
  • Easy operations: Rotate Type.
  • Cable can be entered on both sides.
  • Protected patch panel offers secure environment for adapters, patch cords and pigtails.
  • Adoptable adapter types: FC, SC, LC/Duplex.Dimensions and Capability